NORTH ALABAMA (WHNT) — With just four months until the state’s 2024 primary elections, the window is closed for those interested in qualifying for a candidacy.

The Alabama Republican Party’s candidate qualifying session for the primaries came to a close on November 10, and Alabamians now know who will be on the ballots for the state’s 2024 primary elections.

Some candidates in Madison County are running unopposed or with limited opposition. News 19 Political Analyst David Person says with Alabama trending as a red state, it’s a lot tougher to find Democratic candidates that could swing the state.

“There was a time in this state when Alabama was actually blue. I mean it’s only been since…probably…the early 90s,” said Person. 

In North Alabama, Congressmen Dale Strong and Robert Aderholt are each running against one other Republican to keep their seats. In the 23rd judicial circuit (which makes up Madison County), those judges are all running unopposed.

In Alabama, the primary elections are more hotly contested – with the Republican winners usually sweeping the general election. Person says a more competitive general election could be in the state’s future for certain counties.

“Even though Madison County appears to be trending purple, at least based on some estimates, it is also still true that we’re not quite there yet,” added Person. 

Person also says it’s going to take strategic planning and the construction of a strong Democratic political infrastructure to create a change that would make the general election more competitive.

“I’d like to think that Madison County is going to lead the way on a lot of that. Hopefully what will happen is that over the course of time, we’ll see a shift…but it’s important to know just because things are red right now, does not mean it’s always going to be red – just as when they were blue, it didn’t mean that they were always going to remain blue,” said Person. 

The primary election will take place next year on March 5th, followed by the general election on November 5th.