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Correction: A previous version incorrectly said the Firehouse Subs owner also owned a franchise in Enterprise, Alabama. He is not the owner of the Enterprise Firehouse Subs.

OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — It was a normal day for Cinnamon Clarke and her husband when they decided to share a sandwich from the Firehouse Subs in Ozark. However, when she got her meal, she noticed something wasn’t quite right.

“I opened up the sub and I noticed on my half that most of my meat wasn’t on there,” Clarke said. “At least it looks like it wasn’t on there.”

Once Clarke saw that her sandwich was not made properly, she called the store and they told her to come by so they could remake her order. That’s when the owner refused to give her another sandwich.

After some arguing, Clarke pulled out her camera to record her encounter with the owner, and what she caught on video shocked her.

“When I talk to God tonight, I’m going to see if he can come to your house and take you,” Ozark Firehouse Subs owner said.

“It’s really sad that someone would use Jesus’s name in vain, Christ’s name in vain, and wish death on somebody,” Clarke said. “It was just a fancy way, a nice way of saying ‘I’m going to pray that you die tonight.'”

Clarke and her husband have been loyal customers to Firehouse Subs, telling WDHN they eat here about once a week.

Through this experience, she says that seeing her business not being appreciated is what hurts the most.

“We come here every day and spend money here, and this is how we are getting treated,” Clarke said.

WDHN reached out to Firehouse Subs corporate office in Jacksonville, Florida for a statement to which they said:

“Our guests’ experience is a top priority at Firehouse Subs and we’re saddened to say that this guest was not treated with the heartfelt service we expect at one of our restaurants. The behavior of the franchise owner at this location is not acceptable to us and is being addressed internally. We regret that anyone felt unsafe. We have reached out directly to the guest as well.”

Firehouse of America, LLC

WDHN has received no response from the owner after multiple attempts to contact him.