MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – Rep. Mo Brooks has made several campaign stops across the state this week. On Saturday, the candidate spoke at a meeting of the advocacy group Focus on America at the Black Patch Distillery.

On May 24, Brooks will face Katie Britt and Mike Durant in the Alabama Republican race for U.S. Senate. Recent polls have shown Brooks falling several points behind his opponents.

Much of his early campaign centered around an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, but when Trump took back his support in late March, Brooks rebranded himself as the self-described ‘principled conservative’ candidate in the Alabama race for U.S. Senate.

“We’re going all over the state as best we can,” Brooks said. “We’ve got a million dollars budgeted for various campaign ads between now and the remainder of the campaign, but what we are going to come down to is the citizenry.”

Brooks told News 19 the success of his campaign will rely on Alabama voters.

“I can’t compete with the gazillions of dollars that special interest groups are putting in on behalf of Katie Britt, their fellow lobbyist,” Brooks said. “I can’t compete with the 15 million dollars that’s been pledged by the far left-wing Lincoln Project that’s helping Mike Durant.”

Brooks said he would be willing to debate Britt and Durant before election day.

“My views aren’t controlled by anybody,” Brooks said. “Unfortunately, the other candidates in this race seem very hesitant to interact with the public when the public can ask any question they want to ask about any public policy issue. The key is for the public to start thinking about that and ask what they’re hiding.”

The Alabama primary election will take place on May 24.