DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) — Officers with the Daphne Police Department pulled over a man who was driving (yes, driving) a bright yellow jet ski down Highway 98 Friday, according to a Facebook post.

Officers said they had received several 911 calls about “a guy driving a jet ski on 98.”

However, the officers said the jet ski was tagged and turned out to be street-legal, as it appeared to have been modified using the body of a jet ski to fit on a motorcycle (from the looks of it, that is).

The man was from out of state, and was sent on his way “with a warning and instructions to get a helmet.”

(Daphne Police Dept.)

A picture attached to the post shows the man sitting on a bright yellow jet ski with pink stripes. A Daphne police vehicle is seen behind the man with its lights on.

Some of the comments on the post kept with the comical tone, calling the vehicle a “boatercycle,” saying the driver should have been cited for not wearing a life vest, and even a comment from the driver himself.

While the department said some callers were alarmed at the sight, they were “glad” to handle the situation as a light-hearted one, a nice contrast to their typically grim jobs.