MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Nancy Worley, former head of the Alabama Democratic Party, died on Wednesday. She was 70.

On Thursday morning, the Madison County Democratic Party released a statement regarding Worley’s passing:

“Today, we mourn the passing of Nancy L. Worley, who served as Alabama Secretary of State, Former Chair of the Alabama Democratic Party, and a member of the Madison County Democratic Executive Committee. Throughout her life, she was dedicated to serving others. She spent twenty-five years as a teacher and two terms as president of the Alabama Education Association.”

Madison County Democratic Party

Madison County Democratic Executive Committee Chair Representative Anthony Daniels commented, “We are truly grateful for her many contributions to the Democratic Party and her years of selfless service to others.”

The Alabama House Democratic Caucus also shared their condolences in a press release on Thursday and recognized the hard work she put in for the state’s education system:

“With tremendous sorrow, the Alabama House Democratic Caucus expresses heartfelt
condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of a lifelong public servant and Democrat,
Nancy Worley, who passed away on December 29, 2021.

During Ms. Worley’s life, she taught in Alabama public schools for 25 years, was
president of the Alabama Education Association, served as Alabama Secretary of State, and
was chair of the Alabama Democratic Party.

Alabama House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels remarked, “We mourn the loss of a great
Democrat who did her best to improve the lives of people in Alabama. Throughout her career,
she focused on helping others and we will miss her voice and contributions.”

Ms. Worley will be missed for her loyalty, service, and commitment. We shall pray for her family
and her friends. She will certainly be missed, but we will never forget her contributions,
accomplishments, and legacy.

Alabama House Democratic Caucus

Memorial services for Worley were not announced at this time. News 19 will provide those details when we learn them.