MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong spoke strongly of the progress in local road renovations, including the long-awaited Winchester Road project and the widening of U.S 72.

“This is something where, honestly I’m excited where we are,” Strong said. “There are four different phases there, working with the City of Huntsville.”

The county’s portion of widening Winchester Road to five lanes is nearly complete, with a new surface added in the last month from Dominion Circle to Naugher Road, about a two-mile stretch of road.

However, it’ll be the city of Huntsville that handles the widening of the two-way stretch, which isn’t scheduled to complete until 2024. The Madison County Commission executed an engineering agreement with the city on May 11.

“We funded much of this project through ATRIP,” Strong said. “And of course, this project needed to be done years ago. You think of Winchester Road at that time, they had talked about a plan (long ago). This was when George Wallace was governor, and we’re finally fixing to finish that, and I’m glad for all of the hard work that it took with multiple jurisdictions.”

But the public’s help is needed for another project impacting commuters: U.S. Highway 72, which Gov. Kay Ivey announced would undergo serious changes during her speech at Huntsville’s Von Braun Center in April.

On Tuesday, May 17, the Alabama Department of Transportation will welcome public input on the project to add additional lanes on U.S 72 from Providence Main to County Line Road. The public meeting will be inside Discovery Middle School’s cafeteria from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., located at1304 Hughes Road in Madison.

Strong said he’s all for development that keeps up with demand.

“The big thing is we’ve got many projects in Madison County,” he said. “(With) the growth that we’re having, you think about what’s occurred here with population.”