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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — Madison City Schools is being recognized for its commitment to military families. The district announced Friday, that all 11 schools have qualified as Purple Star schools.

The Alabama Purple Star Program was recently established by the Alabama Legislature. It requires that schools meet certain requirements.

Some of those requirements include providing student mentors, website resources for military families, points of contact at each school, and support to students in transition.

Madison City Schools Superintendent Ed Nichols said he comes from a military family, so he understands that military service is a “family commitment.”

“We wear some wristbands that say ‘kids serve too’ because they do when their parent serves,” Nichols told News 19. “We’re just proud that every one of our schools made that commitment to meet the criteria to be a welcoming place for military kids.”

At the announcement, James Clemens High School Student, Callie Scroggins, spoke about the Student-to-Student program. That program involves current students giving tours to new students and helping get them acclimated to the new school.

James Clemens High School Student, Callie Scroggins speaking at the Madison City Schools Purple Star announcement.

Scroggins said the program, “focuses on peer connections between incoming students, departing students, and current students at the schools to make sure that they are acclimated, that they feel welcome and that they have a point of contact to get them from class to class.”

“This is just a tangible way to let the students know that they are at home, in Madison City Schools,” said Scroggins.

“One out of every four children in Madison City Schools is connected to the military,” said Nichols. He put that in further perspective, by saying, “25% of our 13,000 students are connected to the military.”

Superintendent Nichols said the Student-to-Student program really sets Madison City Schools apart from other districts. “I’m very proud of what our team does, but I think it is just the best day when your kids say ‘this helped us’ and that ‘we’re involved in helping other kids.'”