MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — The Kids to Love Foundation has filed a lawsuit against the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR), according to court documents.

An order filed with the Madison County Circuit Court was obtained by News 19, and it says an emergency hearing in the case was held Friday. The lawsuit lists the Kids to Love Organization and Founder Lee Marshall as Plaintiffs in the civil case while Alabama DHR Commissioner Nancy Buckner is listed as the defendant.

News 19 has been unable to find further details on the case as details are marked confidential in court databases.

“Kids to Love has always advocated for our children and families in foster care and we will continue to do so,” A Kids to Love Representative said when asked about the lawsuit.

Kids to Love was founded in 2004 as an organization to support children in the foster care system. The organization fulfills this mission through outreach and support programs along with operating as a child-placing agency, offering career training and running a foster home for girls.