MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – County leaders say a summer construction plan for a narrow inclined road near Gurley will get started as early as next week.

District 3 Madison County Commissioner Craig Hill told News 19 that the top of Keel Mountain Road suffered some slope failure during a flood in 2020, making some resurfacing and shoulder widening improvements necessary.

However, Hill said he’s confident lane closures won’t be as common as originally thought.

“There’s a possibility we’ll have one lane closed at times, but we’ll be working close to the road’s shoulder, so traffic needs to slow down and be attentive with the workers that are present,” Hill explained. “So that’s the only change, that we thought we may have to close the road. We’re not going to have to close the road. It will be open but at times one lane may be closed.”

“The road is still stable and functional. There isn’t any issue there. This is just a different tier, a different level there of the mountain that we found a problem that we want to fix. We don’t want to pass it on, we want to fix it now.”

This work is a part of the ongoing drainage improvement project that began in May. Hill added construction could begin early next week pending weather, lasting fewer than 60 working days.