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Wednesday morning, U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks spoke to a crowd of people at a Washington, D.C. rally for President Trump and told them it was time to start “taking down names and kicking ass.”

By that afternoon, he was condemning some of the same people who were at that rally for storming the U.S. Capitol.

Brooks, Alabama’s Republican representative for the 5th Congressional District which includes Huntsville, was one of several Republican lawmakers who had planned to contest the electoral vote count that affirms President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the November general election.

He told the rally that Wednesday was “a day of revelation and separation” that would show what Republican senators and representatives “had the courage to fight for America.”

But after a mob left the rally and stormed the Capitol, forcing lawmakers to evacuate and postpone the electoral process, Brooks said on Twitter that the violence was “despicable, un-American, and tears at the fabric of our great republic.”

Brooks had planned for weeks to take a stand against the election’s results on the day the electoral votes were counted, saying some electoral votes should be cast aside over allegations by President Trump of voter fraud. Brooks even attended a meeting on the subject in which the president was involved. The Trump’s campaign’s more than 50 lawsuits alleging fraud in the election were rejected by every court, but one, that heard the arguments.

In his rally speech, Brooks said other Republicans were making a simple choice with their vote on the electoral ballots.

“Today, Republican Senators and congressman will either vote to turn America into a Godless, amoral, dictatorial, oppressed and socialist nation on the decline, or they will join us and fight against voter fraud and election theft, and vote for keeping America great,” Brooks said.

His “taking names and kicking ass” comment was directed toward “weakling, cowering, wimpy Republican congressmen and senators who covet the power and the prestige the swamp has to offer, while groveling at the feet and the knees of the special interest group masters,” who are up for reelection in 2022.

“Today is the day American patriots start taking down names and kicking ass,” he said during his Wednesday morning speech.

Brooks’s criticism of the election process that he portrayed in his morning speech was contrasted by his afternoon statement after the violence at the Capitol. In that statement, he said the best place to defeat opposing political philosophies was through free speech, public debate and at the ballot box.

“While our election system has major, systemic flaws that Socialist Democrats egregiously exploited in 2020, that election system is still far and away the best place to change the direction and destiny of America,” his statement read.

Brooks did not comment on his rally speech when News 19 asked about it. Instead, his office referred to his Twitter account for his statements. Brooks office did not respond for comment Wednesday evening when he was asked if the planned to continue to challenge the Electoral College vote certification.