HAZEL GREEN, AL. (WHNT) – The Hazel Green community is rallying around a woman who is still recovering after an EF3 tornado left her in critical condition.

Christon Cagle was identified as the woman injured in the storm. Cagle remains in critical condition with a multitude of injuries after she was reportedly swept up in the storm. Tina Burrough, Cagle’s aunt, gave News 19 insight into the injuries she sustained.

“Swelling on the brain something hit her here gashed her open. She’s got eighteen plus staples in her neck it hit the main artery now she has a aneurysm in her neck,” Cagle’s aunt Tina Burrough said. “They come in yesterday and say they not going to do surgery on her jaws because with her not having no teeth there anymore they had to put bolts and screws in it.”

Josh Lyons, known as Gator, and Christon Cagle were together Saturday when the winds picked up. He was knocked unconscious when the tornado ripped them from the apartment. He woke up in a middle of a field with Cagle and knew her condition was serious.

“It was too late building starting coming up around us and when I came too we were in a field over there,” Lyons said. “When I saw all the blue lights and the red lights I knew she was hurt.”

While Cagle’s condition remains critical her family is appreciative that she is alive.

“It could have been a whole lot worse thankful that I’m able to walk in the hospital and hold her hand and watch that monitor,” Burrough said. “She’s got a heartbeat because some people was not lucky in this and people need to take storms more serious.”

Friends of Cagle have set up a Go Fund Me to help with medical bills.

To donate to Christon’s medical expenses click here

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