Gov. Kay Ivey looks back on 2020 in Alabama and what’s ahead for 2021

Alabama News

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) —With just a few weeks to go in 2020, Gov. Kay Ivey is looking back on what has been a year like no other.  

The governor says the COVID-19 pandemic has been by far the biggest challenge she has faced.  Despite the arrival of a vaccine, Ivey says it will continue being her biggest challenge into 2021.

She also knows that many Alabamians were not happy about her statewide mask order.  That included many political leaders from within her own party.  But Ivey says she did the right thing.

“Well, they are entitled to their opinion but Lord help them, do they not care about their neighbor or the family or their friends?” Ivey said.

The Governor says now it’s important to get the vaccine distributed throughout the state.  However, she warns that process will take months, not days or weeks. 

“I know you’re tired, I’m tired of wearing the mask, but at the same time it works,” Ivey said. 

The governor said she will continue to work on other pressing matters into 2021.  That includes a federal lawsuit over conditions in Alabama’s prisons.

“We see the lawsuit through, and we look forward to our day in court,” Ivey said. “Already the state has done some of the things they say we have not done. They say well we didn’t’ know ya’ll had done that.”

And while many Republicans are still casting doubt on the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s election, Ivey says she’s ready to work with the President-elect.  

“My job as governor is to work with whoever is in the White House and we’ll certainly do that.  I look forward to a warm relationship with Mr. Biden. There are things we can work on things like expanding broadband, economic activities moving forward,” Ivey said.