LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – EMA officials are continuing to survey damage caused by tornados on March 24.

Florence-Lauderdale EMA Director George Grabryan told News 19 that EMA personnel from four different counties are working to survey the damage.

“They’ll be going through, looking at a number of points, documenting that damage, and all of that will be submitted to the State of Alabama,” Grabryan said.

Grabryan said that many areas were inaccessible after the tornados. Most of that debris has since been cleared, which allows them to look at more damage.

“We’re to a point with the storm process that we’re able to get into most places that were affected now,” Grabryan said. “We’re able to really see any type of structural damage.”

Grabryan also said that there are signs that more than one tornado touched down in the county. However, that must be confirmed later by the National Weather Service.

“We feel like there are,” Grabryan said. “Based on what we’ve been able to see, we think we’ve got multiple tracks here. But again, the National Weather Service will be back in next week.”