MACON COUNTY, Ala. (WRBL) – A Montgomery man is charged with two counts of capital murder after allegedly killing his pregnant girlfriend and their unborn child, then burning and dismembering her body. 

39-year-old Jessica Bean’s decapitated and armless body was discovered on County Road 2 and Cross Keys Road on February 10th in Shorter.

According to investigators Bean, who was five months pregnant, was kidnapped, shot, and then burned. Investigators testified to try and conceal the body, 29-year-old Darrian Kennebrew, used a shovel to decapitate her and remove both arms.

Kennebrew’s alleged accomplice, 25-year-old Desirea Driscol, was also arrested and charged with capital murder. She cooperated with detectives and helped locate Bean’s body and the alleged murder weapon.

Investigators allege Kennebrew used a dumpster to discard the body parts, which are believed to have been later crushed when the dumpster was emptied into a landfill. 


Investigators say cell phone records confirm Kennebrew and Bean were together at the various locations involved in the extensive crime scene the night she vanished and was murdered.


Bean’s loved ones, including her daughter, were in court during Kennebrew’s probable cause hearing.

“She was very caring and loving of her children and would do anything for them. She was extremely forgiving, no matter what someone did. She could go anywhere and make a friend. She was my closest friend. I will always love her and miss her with every breath I take and will always seek justice,” said Bean’s family in a statement. 

The judge decided there was enough evidence to send Ke Kennebrew’s case to a grand jury to consider an official indictment. Both defendants remain behind bars on no bond. Kennebrew’s attorney did not have a statement.