ALABAMA (WHNT) — Ahead of Tuesday’s runoff, Democrat Will Boyd says the polls showing Katie Britt leading U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks in the Republican runoff may be misleading.

Former President Donald Trump has made it known that he is squarely behind Britt. Based on the latest polling, she is the front runner; however, less than one year ago, Trump’s pick seemed obvious. 

Brooks can say that at one point he had the former president’s endorsement in the race. Democratic Senate nominee Will Boyd says he believes that Trump’s endorsement may be more misleading than we think. 

Boyd says that alone could give Brooks the upper hand. 

“I still believe Congressman Brooks might have a surprise tomorrow for the state of Alabama at least for Republicans,” Boyd told News 19.  

Boyd says the reason is that there are anti-establishment people on the other side of Republican voters that want to see something different, and those supporters have grown tired of the negative ads – all in the face of the flip-flopping support from Trump. 

“I think you’re seeing where people are just tired of the negativity that’s taking place,” Boyd continued. “It’s not about who’s as far-right as possible now. People are being looked at and viewed upon in an unfavorable way and I’m wondering how in the world do you transition after this runoff tomorrow to tracking back to the middle and trying to really pull all of Alabama together.” 

Brooks received Trump’s endorsement in his run for Senate in 2021 only to see it revoked nearly a year later but still, he managed to advance to a runoff. Boyd says the endorsement for Britt puts her in the hot seat.

Boyd says that those polls are misleading and that Brooks may have a surprise in this runoff, regardless of the support from the former president. 

“I think Mrs. Britt is enjoying a commanding lead but I believe those polls are misleading,” Boyd explained. “If you recall weeks before my primary, they had me at somewhere around 20 percent if not even that. But you saw we pulled out with over 60+ percent. I believe what you are going to see as I pointed out earlier in the far-right show-up tomorrow and perhaps put Mo Brooks at a more favorable lead than others have anticipated.” 

Boyd added that in anticipation of the winner of the runoff that his campaign has picked up some steam and that he and his team are ready for whoever is the Republican challenger after Tuesday’s election runoff.