ALABAMA (WHNT) — At the start of the election cycle, all political indicators pointed to a rough road for the Democratic Party. 

Each year voters in rural Alabama identify themselves as Republican by wider margins. Top Democratic challengers say they believe the main reason is a lack of media coverage. 

In attempts to cover the Democratic Party in Alabama, we have had very little success. But the question is why? Have they conceded in these state races? They say that’s highly unlikely. 

“I will say that there are great candidates up and down the ballots,” Democratic Senate nominee Will Boyd told News 19. “We have people running for the House and State Senate who are doing a wonderful job out there every day campaigning and they are not getting I think the attention that they really need.” 

Boyd will face the winner of the Katie Britt and Mo Brooks Republican runoff held on Tuesday.

He says he wants the media to be fair in its coverage. However, based on political coverage needs, we have noticed the lack of a centralized location for contact information for Democratic candidates.

“Yeah, I would say it has affected to the point that even our Democrats don’t come out to meetings,” said Yolanda Flowers, a Democratic candidate for Governor of Alabama. “We don’t show up. What happened to the struggle? The battle isn’t over. we are still fighting, and it’s still heated.”

Flowers is facing State Sen. Malika Sanders-Fortier in a runoff on Tuesday. The winner will face incumbent Governor Kay Ivey in the general election.

It will be a first for an African American woman in the state of Alabama, who have faced a lack of support in their own district. 

“We have those kinds of challenges and I have tackled that situation in our area by working in a bipartisan manner to expand industry in our area,” said Fortier.  

Boyd, who is making a historic run for the Senate, asked that before the media anoints Alabama’s next leaders to be fair in its coverage. 

“We focus a lot on polls,” Boyd stated. “We let others direct us to what’s important. because people are looking for a little bit more than a January 6th hearing or they really want a break from some of the other news cycles that continue to hit us every day. They would love to hear from our candidates.”  

Boyd added that he is not predicting a miracle in the general election for the Democratic Party, but more media coverage for a candidate may surprise you.