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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — A former member of the Alabama men’s basketball team and another man have been indicted on capital murder charges in the wake of a shooting that left a mother dead in Tuscaloosa.

Darius Miles, who had previously been off the team following an ankle injury, was indicted by a grand jury on capital murder charges Wednesday, Tuscaloosa District Attorney Hays Webb confirmed. Michael Davis, who allegedly fired the fatal shots, was also indicted on capital murder charges.

Miles and Davis are accused of killing Jamea Harris, 23, on Jan. 15 in a shooting near The Strip in Tuscaloosa. According to police, Miles was the person who allegedly gave the gun to Davis, who in turn killed Harris.

In recent weeks, accusations have been made against another Alabama basketball player in the case. According to court testimony by detectives, Brandon Miller was the one who allegedly brought Miles the gun that was used in the shooting. However, Miller’s attorneys have denied the claims, saying it was Miles’ gun, that he never handled it, saw it or ever gave it to anyone. Miller has not been charged in the case.