ALABAMA (WHNT) — Two law enforcement agencies in North Alabama are reminding citizens to be leery of phone calls claiming to come from them.

Both the Athens Police Department and Morgan County Sheriff’s Office issued warnings to residents, saying that numbers in their areas are being spoofed to make it look like the call is coming from authorities.

Yet both departments say these recent calls are indeed scams.

The Athens Police Department reported that recent calls to residents are claiming to be a “Detective Pierce,” and threaten to freeze their accounts if payment isn’t made related to a fine or criminal case.

APD says not only do they not have a “Detective Pierce” on staff, but they also wouldn’t call and threaten to freeze your accounts. They ask anyone receiving such a call to hang up immediately.

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office likewise says they would never call citizens to get money for warrants, bails or for missing court dates.

MCSO also urges people to talk to older adults about these ongoing scams.