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HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — An unexpected worship revival at a Kentucky college is drawing national attention and inspiring other universities across the country to do the same, including Samford University.

For 11 days and counting, thousands have come and gone to Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, to take part in that revival with worship continuing 24 hours a day.

Multiple nearby chapels have since been opened to help with overflow. Asbury personnel said they are deeply humbled.

“To realize that God has chosen this place to create this — call it revival, call it awakening, call it whatever you like,” said Asbury Assistant Professor of Journalism Rich Manieri.

It is a revival, completely unplanned, that students said has brought people together like never before.

“To be able to experience this after there’s been so much hurt and tension and pain, it makes me filled with hope,” Asbury student Alexandra Presta said.

Presta said what began as one of their routine chapel services, which is required three days a week, morphed into a constant worship that’s drawn people in from all over the nation. That includes people like Samford student Kathryn Kipley.

“You can’t leave something like that and not be changed and not have an urgency to share it with the rest of the world,” said Kipley.

Students from Samford said they felt led to start their own.

“It was just pure authenticity, and people just raising their hands, confessing sins just being redeemed,” Samford student Ethan Haggerty said.

“I saw three people get saved last night, and I just think it’s kind of wild to think that this is kind of happening everywhere,” Madeleine Crow said, another Samford student.

Students said this shows the Holy Spirit is not limited to one place.

“We just see him sprinkling down around this nation, around the world, making himself known,” Kipley said.

“God is so good and so loving that he can meet you in your living room and your town wherever you are,” Presta said. “If you’re hurting, if you’re full of joy, he wants to meet you and he wants to have a relationship with you.”

Those involved said this is not just an event written in history, but a movement of God that will last in people’s lives forever.