MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WRBL) – On Saturday, June 25, 2022, a hearing was held on the election contest filed in Alabama Senate District 27. Following deliberations, the Alabama Republican Party Candidate Committee declared the race a tie.

The tie will be broken in the same manner established for general elections set forth in Alabama Code 17-12-23 – as in a coin flip or drawing of straws will declare a winner. The release did not say how the party will choose the winner or when the decision will be made.

Before Saturday’s tie declaration challenger Jay Hovey beat incumbent Tom Whatley by one vote after a provisional count. 

Whatley and Hovey were neck and neck across the three-county district of Russell, Lee, and Tallapoosa for Alabama State Senate District 27, separated by four votes, with Hovey leading on Election Day. 

Twenty-eight certified provisional ballots in Lee County were counted by the Republican Party that could possibly have voted in the District 27 primary. Out of those, six votes went for Whatley and four for Hovey. 

We are told there were no provisional ballots in Russell County to apply to this race. 

Tallapoosa County had 15 provisional ballots – with three votes for Hovey and two for Whatley in the District 27 race. 

Whoever is declared the winner of the primary will run against Democrat candidate Sherri Reese of Opelika in the general election in November. Reese was unopposed for the Democratic nomination.