(WHNT) — The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) will kick off 101 Days of Safety this weekend as part of an initiative to ensure a safe and enjoyable summer.

The initiative begins on Friday, May 27 and ends on Labor Day on September 5.

“After the challenges and restrictions of COVID-19, we realize and understand that Alabamians and citizens from across the nation will be traveling to and through out state to reach their fun-filled destinations to enjoy this holiday weekend with both friends and family,” said ALEA Secretary Hal Taylor.

The Memorial Day travel period begins at 12:01 a.m. on Friday and ends at midnight on Monday, May 30.

“As the state law enforcement agency, we have developed a variety of initiatives to ensure that Alabama’s highways, waterways, and beaches are safe for all,” Taylor continued.

Taylor said all available troopers within ALEA’s Highway Patrol Division will be out in “full force” before and during the holiday weekend.

ALEA offered several tips for staying safe over the holiday weekend:

Highway tips

  • Remain attentive when you’re near large vehicles and semi-trucks
  • Expect traffic heavier than usual
  • Prepare your vehicle with all of the proper safety checks
  • Don’t drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Buckle up no matter how short your trip is!
  • Make sure you don’t follow other vehicles too closely

Boating tips

  • Novices should not operate or learn how to operate a boat over the busy holiday weekend
  • Children under 8 should always wear PFDs
  • Be mindful of other boaters
  • Boaters should avoid using alcohol or use the designated operator system
  • Avoid boating at night unless you’re very familiar with the body of water
  • Those under 15 should not use inflatable PFDs

Beach and Swimming tips

  • Check the surf and weather conditions before heading to the beach
  • Never swim alone
  • Don’t swim near piers, pilings, platforms, or areas used by fishermen
  • Use caution when the water is murky
  • Rip currents are most common when the waves crash perpendicular to the beach, as well as in areas like sand bars, piers, pilings, and jetties
  • Look for rip currents in gaps between the waves
  • Look for discolored water near the shore

For more information on ALEA’s 101 Days of Safety, visit alea.gov.