ALABAMA (WHNT) – Alabama drivers may soon be relieved of the lengthy wait times experienced at the driver’s license office. Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) License Division will roll out a new system expected to cut down on wait times later this month.

“It’ll be better for the user,” Madison County License Director Mark Craig told News 19. “It should speed things up once we get used to it.”

The new system will expand online services. First-time license applicants will be able to start the application process online. Current license holders will have the online option to

  • Update their address
  • Pay and reinstate their license
  • Upload Federal Department of Transportation medical cards
  • View Transportation Security Administration hazmat background checks

“You can do it from your house, your phone, or your job site,” Craig said.

The current license system has been in place for more than twenty years. Craig said the new Alabama Law Enforcement License System (LEADS) will be a much-needed improvement.

“The old system has some failures,” Craig said. “Any time something would try to be updated, something else would go wrong, and it would go down. When it’s down it’s down statewide, so there’s nothing that the counties, unfortunately, can do because it’s a state system. We just have to sit here and wait for it to come back up.”

Alabama driver’s license services will be unavailable from April 18 to April 26. County offices will remain open, but they will only handle revenue and probate services.