ALABAMA (WHNT) — The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) is asking the public for input on a draft Carbon Reduction Strategy (CRS).

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which was adopted in November 2021, created the Carbon Reduction Program. The program provides funds for states to reduce transportation emissions.

ALDOT is creating a CRS to guide how to select and fund projects to reduce carbon emissions from transportation in Alabama.

“It is Alabama’s vision to measurably reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the transportation
sector by implementing a variety of strategies that will result in a cleaner environment for all
Alabama citizens,” ALDOT said.

The state wants to reduce vehicular carbon dioxide emissions to improve air quality and
mitigate climate impacts, provide more transportation options in rural and urban areas, and apply transportation management strategies and technologies to improve overall network efficiency.

For more information about the Draft Carbon Reduction Strategy, you can click here.
To participate and give feedback on the Draft Carbon Reduction Strategy, you can visit ALDOT’s involvement website here.