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ALABAMA – Driving home for Thanksgiving? The Alabama Department of Transportation has some good news.

Orange barrels and cones will be removed on roads statewide starting at noon Wednesday, November 24, meaning temporary lane closures will not be in effect as Alabamians make their way across the state – and in larger numbers compared to last Thanksgiving.

“Traffic volumes during the Thanksgiving holiday period are expected to return to almost pre-COVID pandemic levels,”said Allison Green, Drive Safe Alabama coordinator with ALDOT. “Give yourself extra time to make it to your holiday celebration. If there is a crash along the road, give first responders room to work by moving over a lane, or slow down if it is impossible to move over.”

ALDOT Drive Safe Coordinator Allison Green

ALDOT also provided a few tips for drivers during the busy weekend:

  • Wear your seat belt – nearly 60% of people who die in Alabama wrecks are not buckled up
  • Move Over – By law, drivers must move over a lane if safe or slow down to 15 mph under the limit when passing a vehicle on the road with flashing lights
  • Drive Alert – ALDOT said a driver distracted by changing radio stations or texting is 23 times more likely to get into a crash versus somebody who is focused on strictly driving

When planning a trip, be sure to check ALDOT’s online traffic map or download the ALGO Traffic app on a smartphone for the latest traffic information.

ALDOT plans to reinstate temporary lane closures, along with the cones and barrels on Monday, November 29.