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TROY, Ala. (WIAT) — There’s no doubt Alabamians have pride in their state and since the pandemic began, many local businesses have been negatively affected or shut down entirely. The company Bama in a Box wanted to feed into both those causes.

The new subscription-based service gives customers the chance to get a variety of the Yellowhammer state’s best products. In a Bama Box, you could get Bud’s Best Cookies, a bottle of Jim N’ Nick’s sauce, bags of Golden Flake potato chips and others out of over 500 products.

“It’s Alabama companies that are sponsoring your little league teams, and buying bake sales for your church and giving to your local charities and the way to pay those people back is to help Alabama’s small businesses,” Founder Angi Horn Stalnaker said

She said this was the perfect opportunity to stimulate the local economy and support Alabamian businesses.

The goal in mind, Stalkner said, is to give Alabamians one taste or sample of products around the state. A subscriber will not get the same item more than once because the idea is to get the subscriber to visit or connect with the small business.

Within 48 hours of being in operation, they created a customer base reaching as far as Oregon. Regardless, Stalnaker wants to keep focus on local businesses that need help.

“They need you to help them now. So even if you don’t through, which we hope you will because we need it, Reach out to your local businesses, they need your help,” she said.

According to Stalnaker, You can subscribe to Bama in a Box on their website.