MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) — While the state awaits a court decision on the new congressional districts, some former and current state lawmakers are eyeing a run in District 2.

It’s not clear yet whether current District 2 Republican Congressman Barry Moore will run for that seat. All three map proposals push Moore into District 2 with Congressman Jerry Carl, who has said he will run in District 1.

Moore’s office did not respond to request for comment when asked about his plans.

Some Democratic state lawmakers see this new district as a chance to flip the seat blue. The new district will likely have 49-50% Black voters, based on the special master’s three proposals.

Birmingham Democratic Rep. Juandalynn Givan said she is considering a run.

“My race will be a race that simply (is) about the people,” Givan said.

Givan doesn’t live in the district being proposed, which isn’t required, but said she’d be a voice for the people there. She said she’ll make a decision within the next two weeks.

“If I were to win this seat, I would definitely take up residence in the area for sure of some sort. But even with that, my goal is to be a voice for the people. The people want someone that will represent them,” Givan said.

Another Birmingham Democratic state lawmaker, Sen. Merika Coleman said she’s been thinking about this for a while and getting encouragement from others to run.

“When this ruling came down in June, my phone started ringing,” she said. “We, undercover, kind of put together an exploratory team that has been looking at (it) for the past few months. We’ve been talking to people for several months about the possibilities.”

Whether she chooses to run or not, Coleman said this district is bigger than just her.

What an awesome opportunity for Black voters in the state of Alabama to be able to pick the candidate of their choice,” Coleman said.

But it’s not just Democrats who may throw their hat in the ring.

Former Montgomery Republican State Sen. Dick Brewbaker said on the phone he’s interested in running. He said he’s waiting to see what the court and Congressman Moore do.

If there’s no incumbent, Brewbaker thinks it’s winnable as a Republican. He also said he thinks the fact he’s lived in Montgomery nearly all his life will matter to voters.

Another name that’s been floated as a possible Democratic candidate in District 2 is Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed. CBS 42 reached out to his office for comment and did not hear back.

The panel of federal judges has a hearing on the special master maps Tuesday.