Alabama renews state program to help residents cope with COVID-19 stress

Alabama News

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly taken a toll on many people’s mental health.

The Alabama Department of Mental Health has renewed a program to help Alabamians cope with COVID-19 related stress.

According to the American Psychological Association, 80 percent of Americans report the coronavirus pandemic as a significant source of stress in their lives.

Now, thanks to a federal grant to the Alabama Department of Mental Health, Alabamians can reach out to a trained professional if they’re feeling overwhelmed.

The program is called Alabama Apart Together. spoke with Lisa Turley, the director of the state’s Department of Mental Health.

Turley says the program is similar to past programs designed to help people cope in the aftermath of natural disasters, but that this program is designed for online formats such as social media and Zoom.

Turley also said that many people are utilizing the resource to express their frustration as the pandemic has now gone on for more than a year.

If you or someone you know is in need of mental health resources related to COVID-19, the number to call is (888) 442-1793.

You’ll be able to speak with someone who can direct you to resources available in your community, many of which are now virtual.

Calls are confidential and anonymous and you can communicate by text if you prefer.

The program’s federal grant lasts through July but Turley says it may be extended.

The program is based out of nine of the state’s community health centers and Turley says the program is designed for people who may not necessarily need mental health treatment, but are just looking for advice and support.

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