(WHNT) — By this time next week, you won’t be able to comment on any post made on social media by the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH).

According to a post made by the department on Monday, the comment section will be cut off on October 3.

“Beginning Monday, October 3, 2022, the Alabama Department of Public Health will disable the comments function on all posts,” the post stated. “This will be in effect until further notice.”

“We have arrived at this decision after careful consideration of the general nature of comments and conversations often generated on our social media accounts,” ADPH continued. “ADPH’s mission and purpose is to promote, protect, and improve Alabama’s health, and we feel this decision will allow us to best fulfill that mission.”

ADPH became a more known presence during the COVID-19 pandemic, with State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris often participating in briefings alongside Governor Kay Ivey in 2020 and 2021.

Users chimed in on the post with reactions ranging from disdain to praise for the department.

One user wrote, “Can’t say I blame you. People on here are crazy. Thank you for your service to the state.”

“Wonderful idea,” wrote another commenter. “Thanks for all that y’all have done during this crazy time. I also am in the medical field. It has definitely been a rough ride. Too many people won’t follow the instructions anyway.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, users wrote things like “no need to allow constituents to express their ideas when you have an agenda to implement” and “what I’m hearing is that Alabama Public Health can’t handle people not buying the absolute garbage they’re selling.”

ADPH says now that comments will be disabled, questions or concerns should be sent by direct message on social media, by phone at 800-252-1818, or via email here.