BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Additional paramedics and advanced EMTs are being recruited for The World Games 2022 in Birmingham this summer.

The Alabama Fire College recently put out a call for qualified candidates who are licensed in the state, to participate in the 11-day event in July.

Crews would contract with the college and be on standby to help.

“We are asking 30 paramedics per day, a total of 360 paramedics throughout the course of the World Games, to assist us and the daily operations of providing EMS coverage at all 17 sites in the city of Birmingham,” said Birmingham Fire and Rescue Assistant Captain Matthew Lamonte, who heads up the EMS division.

BFRS is partnering with the Alabama Fire College in Tuscaloosa in hopes of attracting more candidates from outside the city limits. UAB doctors will also be involved in helping provide care at site locations around the Magic City.

“We have teamed up with UAB. They have nurses and doctors at every venue for a total of 36 different care centers at all the sites and we will of course provide transportation to the hospital, but as a safety net we wanted to team up with the Alabama Fire College to contract with additional paramedics,” said LaMonte.

The Alabama Fire College typically helps with EMT staffing at major events around the state.

“The need is really for medical personnel, Advanced EMTs, and paramedics and they are going to basically be standing by at these events in case something happens. It’s no different than here in Tuscaloosa when we have an Alabama football game,” said Bailey Price, EMS Program Director with the Alabama Fire College.

Despite a nation and statewide shortage of EMTs, leaders hope that incentives like $40 an hour, food and hotels for people who live 65 miles away, will help.

Many EMTs may work on off days but will continue to work full-time at their respective jurisdictions.

So far, Price said he’s received around 275 applications.

“I am so impressed with the response we’ve already had from the EMS and fire community, it is more than I could have anticipated. We are still taking applications,” said Price.

According to Lamonte, about 25 dedicated ambulances will be available for The World Games 2022. Additional resources will also ensure that city crews can respond to normal city calls.

“It’ll be a big challenge. We’ll have over 120 people working every day for 11 days in a row on top of the daily operations we have in the city of Birmingham providing fire and EMS coverage,” said Lamonte.

For additional details, interested applicants with an Alabama certification are asked to contact Price at 205.391.3766 or at