ALABAMA (WHNT) — If you were one of the nearly 100 Alabama business owners who applied to operate as a medical cannabis dispensary in the state, you may want to double-check your inbox for an important notice.

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Association’s (AMCA) Executive Director Patrick Lindsey said it would issue notices of application deficiencies on Monday, Feb. 13.

If your application needs more information, you should have received an email from the commission. Notices were sent to the email provided on the original application.

Applicants will have until close of business on March 3 to correct and resubmit their applications.

The committee asks business owners to do their due diligence and check for the email and to make corrections “in a timely manner.”

If you have any questions or need help, you can call the AMCA at (334) 523-1180 or visit their website here.