ALABAMA (WHNT) — This year’s session of the Alabama state legislature will begin Tuesday.

Lawmakers will talk about multiple possibilities for the state’s taxes and budgets, with education being one of the central focuses this year as it has been in recent sessions.

With $2.7 billion in tax revenue from last year, lawmakers could heavily consider additional investments in education once the session starts Tuesday.

Senator Arthur Orr, Chairman of the Finance and Taxation Education Committee said that lawmakers will continue funding important educational programs such as the Numeracy and Literacy Act.

“We’re prepared to again put our money where our mouths are and support them,” Orr said. “They’re very important.”

Orr along with other Alabama state leaders are looking at education to be the driving force for changing the state’s future.

“If we’re ever going transform this state, its going to be through education,” he said.

The session will begin Tuesday, March 7th.

Additional information on this year’s annual session can be found on the Alabama legislature website.