Alabama Department of Labor working to improve unemployment claims system

Alabama News

(WHNT) – Last week, the Alabama Department of Labor modified its existing compensation rules to allow those unable to work due to COVID-19 be eligible.

Several people contacted WHNT News 19 to say that they’re unsuccessful when trying to apply online or by the phone.

WHNT News 19 reached out to the department and its communication director, Tara Hutchison.

The department says they’re aware of the issues and are working around the clock to fix them.

Hutchinson says they’re adding more memory, bandwidth. She also says you might have to try and file a few times. 

“We do hear your concerns, we do understand that this is not a good time to not have answers. we completely understand that and we understand your frustration and we are working to correct it,” said Tara Hutchison, the Alabama Department of Labor Communications Director.

Those unemployment claims must be filed Monday through Friday, the department of labors system shuts down on the weekend to allow claims to process.

The Alabama Department of Labor says self-employed people still do not qualify for unemployment compensation benefits. 

They won’t see that relief unless the president declares Disaster Unemployment Assistance in Alabama.

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