ALABAMA (WHNT) — Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia joined Senate Republicans in blocking the advancement of the Women’s Health Protection Act, a bill that would make the landmark Roe v. Wade decision federal law. 

The bill would guarantee women’s rights to access abortion and reproductive care. Now that legislation hangs in the balance and could possibly fail.

The failure could mean a complete shutdown for abortion clinics in that state of Alabama.  

Currently, abortion is still legal in Alabama, but clinics have been preparing for the possible fall of Roe v. Wade for months. 

“That’s just utterly ridiculous,” said Dalton Johnson of the Alabama Women’s Center told News 19. “It’s been a constant attack and this has always been their end result.”

Johnson feared that this day would come for many women who seek a safe haven and the privacy of abortion-related care. The clinic is one of only three care centers in the state of Alabama. He says the overturning Roe would be disastrous for the health care industry. 

“We all know that abortion is safe,” Johnson said. “They know that abortion is safe. But it’s one of those things that they just kept on knocking at our door to make it impossible for us to operate and cause us basically financial destruction.” 

If Roe is overturned, individual states will decide whether and when abortions would be legal. Many states would continue to allow them, but not in Alabama, where abortions will stop immediately.  

“We will do everything within the letter of the law to get the patients to where they can go to receive that care,” Johnson continued. “If that means getting them to Illinois and other states that’s what we will do.”

Johnson says if abortions are banned women with low economic means will struggle the most. 

“Just thinking about all of the hurdles with childcare,” Johnson said. “I mean just the price of gas right now and time off from work and knowing that it’s only going to get worse, if Roe is overturned. It’s just disheartening and sad.” 

Johnson stressed if Roe v. Wade is overturned his medical staff get to keep their jobs since the center offers full scope medical care.