ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) — At least three homes received lightning damage from Wednesday’s storms.

The Limestone County EMA says a home received damage on Summit Lake Drive, Mooresville Road, and on Southern Heritage Lane in Athens.

In the insurance world, a peril is an event or circumstance that causes damage to your home lightening is a covered peril with ALFA. In the unfortunate case your home has been directly hit by lightning, the first thing you should do is call the fire department so they can check everything out. Before this ever occurs insurance agents say you should know what coverage you have and what’s your deductible.

“Some people might have exclusions or different things that aren’t covered with their particular insurance,” Associate Adjuster Kate Anderson said. “So you will have a certain amount allotted for your home for loss of use if you’re misplaced from your home. It’s also really good to be familiar with your deductible because most people have no clue what their deductible is until their filing a claim.”

The main effects of a direct lightning strike are a hole in the roof, shorted electrical systems, and a fire. when the damage happens like the one here behind me insurance agents say you can start to clean up but you must file a claim

“If you have damage just call and get a claim started quickly that way they can get to you quickly,” Anderson said.

The main takeaway is to do what you can to prevent further damage and make the area safer which may require calling for help and then calling your insurance.