MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) — Alabamians are now able to order self-collection kits for detecting sexually transmitted infections (STI), including HIV.

According to a news release from the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH), the kits were made available as part of a joint effort between state health officials and binx health, a healthcare technology and diagnostics company.

The kits are available to order on the binx everywhere digital platform.

From there, the kits are mailed to the Alabamian, the samples collected, and then tested. If the results are positive for an infection, a licensed healthcare provider will be able to prescribe necessary treatment — all in a remote setting.

“The Alabama Department of Public Health is very pleased with the results of the initiative,” said Anthony Merriweather, STD Director at ADPH. “The binx technology and self-collection program provides much needed access to care, necessary screenings, and treatments for people living in rural Alabama who do not have adequate access to routine sexual health care.”

Jeffrey Luber, the chief executive officer of binx health, says the company’s mission to create “more equitable access to health services.”

ADPH says those surveyed are more receptive to at-home testing for a whole host of health conditions, due to concerns about COVID-19, privacy, and affordability.

To learn more about the kits or more information on STI/HIV efforts by the Alabama Department of Public Health, visit