Editors Note: After this story was published, another death due to the flu was reported, bringing the total number to four.

ALABAMA (WHNT) — In its weekly influenza report, the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) says that three people have died in the state this flu season.

Health officials report that the deaths include two children and one adult.

When News 19 spoke with ADPH District Medical Officer Wes Stubblefield Thursday afternoon after the report was published and he reported another flu-related death, bringing the total to four.

The ADPH added that across Alabama, influenza-like illnesses are sitting at 11.54%, which is higher than the previous week. Officials say the baseline percentage for Alabama’s 2022-2023 flu season is 3.27%.

Along that baseline for outpatients, numbers for the northern and northeastern districts are currently at 8.15% and 12.7%, respectively.

Source: ADPH

In its weekly report, the ADPH explained that there are also cases of COVID-19 and Human rhinovirus/enterovirus circulating in the state, saying symptoms do mimic those of the flu.

Health experts urge everyone who is able to get a flu shot and practice good hygiene and handwashing practices.

You can view the ADPH’s full report here.