(WHNT) – – – Highways and airports are expected to be busy this Labor Day holiday weekend. AAA says this holiday weekend could be busier this year than last year.

AAA Alabama Public Relations and Marketing Manager Clay Ingram says, “If not the busiest, it’ll certainly be right there at the top. Most of our holidays this year have broken the all-time record high set in 2019 (our last pre-pandemic set of holidays we had). We expect Labor Day this year to follow suit and probably set an all-time high.”

AAA booking data says flights, hotels, rental cars, and cruise numbers are up this Labor Day weekend.

“Typically for these types of holidays (these three-day weekends) we see 85-95% of people traveling by motor vehicles. So, get that car checked out ahead of time if possible and then for the trip itself…make sure you plan ahead and do as much as you can to eliminate or at least reduce potential distractions for the driver,” added Ingram.

Gas prices have been creeping up since July, but according to GasBuddy…we will see some relief this holiday weekend.

GasBuddy Head of Petrol Analysis Patrick De Haan says, “Most areas of the country have been seeing gas prices gently declining. The national average is down a couple of cents from a week ago — that’s because for the first time in seven weeks, the price of oil has drifted a little bit lower.”

De Haan says the price per gallon is still slightly cheaper than this time last year.

“It’s not unusual to see prices falling going into Labor Day, but the only real question is sometimes we have seen prices go up into Labor Day and a lot of that tends to do with hurricane season and possible disruptions,” replied De Haan.

With Hurricane Idalia making landfall in Florida Wednesday, De Haan tells News 19 she will not have an impact on gas prices.

“There weren’t any refineries on the damage path of that particular storm. So, motorists hitting the roads for the holiday are going to likely face a small decline in prices,” stated De Haan.

Along with the decline in gas prices ahead of Labor Day, GasBuddy reports more decreases are expected as we get into mid-late September.