Alabama leaders express their condolences for the passing of Nancy Reagan

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(WHNT) – Former First Lady Nancy Reagan died at her home in Los Angeles of congestive heart failure at age 94.

Governor Robert Bentley (R) issued this statement about the passing of Nancy Reagan:

“I am saddened to hear of the passing of former First Lady Nancy Reagan. President and Mrs. Reagan were dedicated public servants and always prioritized helping those in need. During her time in the White House, First Lady Reagan served with remarkable grace and class. She championed the cause of Alzheimer’s research and was completely devoted to President Reagan during his final years battling the disease. Nancy’s steady devotion to President Reagan is one of the things we admire most about her. I join Alabamians and Americans in remembering Nancy Reagan’s life and honoring her service to our great nation.”

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) added the following statement:

“Nancy Reagan was a great wife and patriot. She and President Reagan’s well-known love for each other was one for the ages. She brought tremendous dignity and respect to the White House, while providing needed support to one of America’s greatest Presidents in his efforts to win the Cold War and restore American greatness.

On a personal note, I often think it is too little appreciated that her historic leadership inspired millions of good citizens to rise up and take action to stop the catastrophic surging rate of drug abuse and addiction. It is a fact that her “Just say no” initiative which spread all over the nation was the key to the effort. Many scoffed, but after sustained efforts drug use started downward to levels that were half what they were when she started. Murder rates fell, serious crime also fell. Overdose hospital admissions plummeted, and the prevention programs concept resulted in less death, family breakup, and human loss. A generation of Americans, especially young people, benefitted from her achievement.

It is good to remember this work and strive not to let an increasing drug cycle begin again. When one considers the great contributions she made to the success of President Reagan, this historic achievement cannot be ignored.”

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