Alabama lawmakers decline to discuss Trump phone call

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ALABAMA – As Congress prepares to certify the election results, some Democrats are calling for a criminal investigation into President Trump’s Saturday call to Georgia’s Secretary of State.

During an hour-long call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, President Trump pressured him to find enough votes to change the election outcome in his state.

“So look, all I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes which is one more than we have because we won the state,” President Trump said during the call.

The president went on to imply that Raffensperger, a Republican, and his lawyer could face legal consequences for not helping him.

The call has elicited a mixed responses from the GOP. News asked Alabama’s congressional delegation about the call.

News 19 sent every member of Congress except Senator Tommy Tuberville an email. News 19 called Senator’s Tuberville’s Washington DC office several times Monday. No one ever answered the phone and the voicemail was full.

News 19’s email asked each lawmaker:

  1. Are you comfortable with the president’s remarks to a state election official?
  2. Do you have any concerns about the president’s comments and request?
  3. And do you believe President Trump won Georgia and has been denied victory there?

News 19’s request was mostly met with silence.

Congressman Barry Moore was the only lawmaker of the state’s 9 members of Congress to directly respond to the questions. A spokesperson from his office sent News 19 this response:

“Are you comfortable with the President’s remarks to a state election official? Yes. 

Do you have any concerns about the President’s comments and request? No. 

Do you believe President Trump won Georgia and has been denied victory there? Yes.”

A spokesperson for Congressman Robert Aderholt’s office said, “With all the work going on in the House of Representatives today, Congressman Aderholt hasn’t been focused on the president’s call.”

They then directed us to a statement dated January 2nd about the congressional role in certifying election results. It states in part, “There are too many reports of serious fraud for this not to be debated in the House and Senate.”

It also says Aderholt support’s Senator Ted Cruz’s efforts to create a bi-cameral commission to examine the election results.

Congressman Mike Roger’s office did not respond to our request directly.

After News 19 sent our email, a spokesperson sent us a release that says in part, “There are far too many instances of alleged voter fraud that have called the legitimacy of the election results into question. In addition, election officials in certain states appeared to have deliberately acted in an unconstitutional manner to manipulate the results.”

The spokesperson did not go into specific instances.

A spokesperson from Congresswoman Terri Sewell’s office directed News 19 to a statement the state’s only Democratic US Representative posted on Twitter.

Tuesday, a spokesperson for Congresswoman Sewell sent News 19 the following statement to specifically address the three questions we sent lawmakers:

“President Trump’s efforts to “find” non-existent strikes at the very heart of our Constitution. After four years of lies and corruption, I am not surprised, but I am outraged by Trump’s blatant disregard for his oath to uphold the Constitution and the will of the American people!”

Her statement also said, “Officials in Georgia counted the results there three times, including once by hand. The results are clear: President-Elect Biden won the state of Georgia.”

Congressman Mo Brooks did not respond to our request, but he retweeted an interview he gave to a conservative news outlet calling the phone call a ‘distraction’.

Senator Tommy Tuberville also took to social media to show support for the electoral commission.

Congress will meet to count electoral college votes on Wednesday. The objections are expected to temporarily delay, but not overturn certification of the results.

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