Alabama lawmaker proposes bill to castrate certain sex offenders


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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – An Alabama lawmaker is getting a lot of attention for a bill proposed during the legislative session.  State Representative Steve Hurst has a plan to permanently punish someone convicted of certain sex offenses against children.

The proposed House Bill 365 would make those sex offenders over the age of 21, that have committed crimes against children younger than 12, have to get surgically castrated before they leave prison.

Rep. Hurst says he has introduced the bill previously, but it was unsuccessful.

“I had people call me in the past when I introduced it, and people have called me and said don’t you think this is inhumane? I asked them what’s more inhumane when you take a little infant child and you sexually molest that infant child when the child cannot defend themselves or get away and they have to go through all the things they have to go through, if you want to talk about inhumane, that’s inhumane.” says Rep. Hurst, who is hoping this would make sex offenders think twice about committing that type of crime.

The bill would have to pass the judiciary committee before it’s heard by the Alabama House and Senate.

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