Alabama has fully vaccinated 32 percent of its adult population


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The United States fell a bit short of the goal set by President Joe Biden of getting
70 percent of American adults at least partially vaccinated by July 4.

Current figures from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show 67 percent of U.S. adults have received at least one shot and 58 percent are fully vaccinated.

But Alabama continues to trail behind most of the country in vaccine rates. The CDC figures show Alabama ranks 49th, ahead of only Mississippi in vaccinations per 100,000 residents.

While vaccine uptake rates are in decline, a Kaiser Family Foundation survey from last week offered at least a couple of hints on where vaccination increases could take place.  The survey found households tend to be homogenous – that of the vaccinated, 77 percent said – everyone in their household is vaccinated. And, the reverse is true as well, 75 percent said no one in their household is vaccinated.

The survey also found when employers encourage vaccination and give workers time off to get a shot, people tend to get vaccinated. That held true across political ideologies and other factors, the survey found.

The survey also found while about half the public wants to see employers require their employees to be vaccinated, most workers oppose that, including 92 percent of unvaccinated workers and 42 percent of workers who are vaccinated.

Alabama reports it has administered 3.2 million doses and 1.5 million people are fully vaccinated. The state also says it has received more than 4.6 million doses, so there is plenty of vaccine available if people are interested. In Alabama, the data shows the older you are, the more likely it is that you’ve been vaccinated.
And, younger people, 18 to 29, are just slightly above 20 percent in overall vaccinations here.

The vaccination rates for Alabama, according to state figures, show 32 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. Madison County has the highest percentage of fully vaccinated residents among large counties with 36 percent, that’s followed by Jefferson County at 35 percent, Mobile and Tuscaloosa counties both have 29 percent of their populations vaccinated and Montgomery County is at 28 percent.

For people who may want an incentive for getting vaccinated, the federal government has compiled a long list of companies and organizations providing incentives — from a free drink — with alcohol in it or not — in Louisiana, to Kroger’s contest for free groceries for a year. The list is at

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