Alabama GOP, Democratic leaders weigh in on Senator Tuberville’s electoral college decision


HUNTSVILLE, Ala – Sunday, Coach Tuberville became Senator Tuberville as he was officially sworn into office. One of the senator’s first acts will be rejecting electoral college votes from states believed to have contested elections.

“It’s really a significant waste of time considering all that Americans are facing right now,” said Rep. Chris England, who is also the Chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party. England believes sorting out vaccine distribution issues and getting $2,000 into the hands of Americans is more important than challenging the electoral college votes.

“Democrats say there isn’t enough to overturn it (the General Election). That’s the wrong question. The question should be about the purity of the election,” said Terry Lathan, the Chairwoman of the Alabama Republican Party.

Senator Tuberville released a statement over the weekend saying that he will reject votes in contested states pending an investigation.

“I never though it my wildest dreams I would say Senator Tuberville. But at the same time I respect the process,” said England who believes Republicans simply refuse to accept results they don’t like.

While Senator Tuberville and Rep. Mo Brooks walk their line, long-time Alabama Senator Richard Shelby has said, in his mind, the election is over. Creating a polar-opposite view between the two Republican senators representing the state.

“To me, the elected official who makes the decision, their responsibility is to the voters. The voters will decide if they like that decision or not,” said Lathan.

Rep. England openly wonders what it will take for more members of the Republican Party to accept the election and move forward in tackling pressing issues brought on by COVID-19. He’s surprised more state lawmakers haven’t agreed with someone as accomplished as Senator Shelby.

“What our newly elected senator is focusing on verses all the those things that are pressing — is taking on a fools errand,” said Rep. England.

Meanwhile for the GOP, the party says Tuberville is doing what his constituents want. Lathan says Tuberville’s win shows that voters didn’t believe former Senator Doug Jones was representing their voice in DC.

“That wasn’t an accident. That was a message. A lot of people across the state worked really hard. He (Tuberville) worked extremely hard for this.”

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