BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Governor Ivey’s proclamation involving local farmers markets is officially instated and it’s been a full day of recognizing our local farmers.

Farmers markets across the state were the place to be today as they celebrated what is now known as ‘Sweet grown Alabama Day.’

Local farmers and vendors showed off their products to visitors. Locally grown produce included everything from fruits and vegetables to baked goods and locally resourced honey.

Some visitors say they buy from farmers market vendors to support local farmers, and to get their hands on fresh, in season produce.

“Supporting local is not only going to help other people in need, or other people doing their craft which I think is really cool but also. Two, it’s a lot healthier for your body,” said local customer, Kendra Menghini.

In her proclamation, Governor Ivey says agriculture is Alabama’s largest industry, bringing in over 70 billion dollars every year. Therefore, she’s commending those who help put food on Alabama’s tables.

“It’s something we work very hard on every day of the week,” said ranch manager at North Alabama Wagyu, Thad Payton. “We don’t take Saturday’s off. Clearly we’re here. Sunday’s there’s always something to do-cattle are gonna get out, ya know. But also it helps that it makes us feel better because it’s our family.”

Vendors say they want to build a relationship with consumers and that they want people to feel comfortable with the food they are eating.

“You can ask questions,” said Talladega farmer, Nonhlanhla Jones. ”’What do you spray on it? What are you using?’ Because in a way you know what you are consuming. You know it’s healthy because when I grow stuff, what I sell is the same thing that I use for me.”

According to Governor Ivey, ‘Sweet Grown Alabama Day’ is not only a recognition of how shopping local can benefit the consumer’s health, but also how it can benefit Alabama’s overall economy.