TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — According to ticket resellers like A1 Tickets, the cheapest ticket to the Alabama-LSU football game is $190 and that price continues to go up.

“They’re easily probably $300-400 depending on where you’re at and the timing that you buy them,” said Jamie Wathers, an Alabama football fan.

Wathers is an Alabama season ticket holder. He said every year he and his family tailgate days in advance for the Alabama-LSU game.

He said the price for a single ticket to attend the game is not surprising at all. “This is the game to be at and if you want to be there, you got to pay to play,” said Wathers.

Several University of Alabama students said they are willing to pay the price just to get their hands on one.

“I’ve seen people selling their student tickets in the group chats and it’s pretty expensive compared to what I’ve seen to the other games at least,” said Vevey Libert, a University of Alabama student.

With ticket prices so high, some even reaching $3,000, the University of Alabama is warning people about counterfeit tickets to the game as some people may be reselling and getting over on fans.

“This is kind of the first year that they really started doing stuff like that. You know we just moved to mobile tickets a few years ago and so I think all your scammers out there didn’t know exactly what to do with that, but now they’ve caught up with the technology and they’re really starting to produce some really good fake looking tickets,” said Candice Carden, the owner of T-Town tickets.

Carden encourages students and fans to go through legitimate ticket resellers or the Alabama Athletic Department if they’re looking to purchase a ticket to Saturday’s game.

Doing so can help avoid the hassle of falling victim to purchasing a counterfeit ticket.

“If they’re trying to send you a screenshot, if they’re trying to transfer it any other way but through that Alabama selling app it’s not realm,” said Carden.

To ensure your ticket is legit, The University of Alabama Athletics Department encourages you to go through their ticket office or SeatGeek.