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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — If you need to update your Alabama driver’s license, you’ll have to wait another week. Starting Monday, state license offices are closed for a system upgrade.

The new system, dubbed LEADS, for the Alabama Law Enforcement Driver License System, is being implemented this week.

Sgt. Jeremy Burkett with ALEA says it could cut down the time spent waiting to get a license.

“The hope is eventually that will transition and allow them to be able to maybe serve more customers in an efficient way,” Burkett said.

Burkett says the upgrade modernizes the current software that’s been in place for roughly two decades. It will allow you to apply for your Alabama license online so when you get to the office, there’s one less step.

“A lot of it is part of a larger plan inside our agency and even part of what the governor wants to do to bring technology in so we can provide better customer service and be more efficient for the citizens of the state of Alabama,” Burkett said.

The expanded online services will also allow Alabamians to update addresses, pay and reinstate their licenses and pre-apply for those requesting an Alabama license for the first time.

ALEA examiners will continue to give Class D and CDL road skills tests this week. However, those licenses won’t be issued until the offices reopen next Tuesday, April 26.

“Currently that’s our plan. As long as everything goes well with the transition, everybody’s able to replace everything, offices will open back up April 26,” Burkett said.

To read more about the new system before it goes live, head to ALEA’s website.