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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Alabama Department of Transportation is gearing up to launch a new project in Huntsville – and they’re asking for your input before they get started.

The project is planned to start near South Memorial parkway by Weatherly road. It would then run about 2 and a half miles and end at Veterans Drive.

Officials with ALDOT say the project is mainly about improving traffic flow and safety. They say the basic plan already includes things like improvements to turn lanes and repaving, with the overall goal being to streamline the corridor – but they want to hear from those who travel the area daily to know exactly what it needs.

Prior to the pandemic, the public input sessions were held in person, but ever since then, they’ve moved online. One official says those comments have the potential to bring a big impact to the next steps of planning.

The funding for the project comes from a $125 million joint funding agreement for projects made between the city of Huntsville and the state.

How much this specific project will cost, however, depends on what public comments ALDOT chooses to chase with their improvements.

Public comment is open now through November 1.

To view the entire project or to submit a comment, visit ALDOT’s site here. Comments can also be left via voicemail at 256-571-7220, or by emailing this address.