HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- The Alabama Department of Public Health is reporting 30 cases of monkeypox. The department is anticipating more cases to come but they’re not expecting it to develop on the scale that COVID-19 did.

With 30 cases of monkeypox now in the state, state health officials say they’re actively working to protect those who are at high risk.

Dr. Karen Landers with the state health department says that starts with getting more vaccines. She explained the state received their initial allocation of the JYNNEOS vaccine (1271 doses) back in July and they’ve been given an additional 4600 doses since that time.

“We’re getting everything that we have been allocated, but of course, we want to be asking for more vaccines in order to ensure that we vaccinate appropriately. It’s extremely important that persons understand the transmission of this virus, understand infection control, and certainly that persons need to be vaccinated that are at higher risks,” added Landers.

Anyone can catch the virus but Dr. Landers believes it’s mainly spread through close, physical contact with an infected person. Most people have symptoms for two to four weeks and the illness can spread until the rash has fully healed.

Dr. Landers encourages anyone with questions or concerns about monkeypox read ADPH’s website about the disease,