Alabama Department of Corrections announces new positions within security officer ranks

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) announces a new position within its security officer ranks, the Basic Correctional Officer (BCO). The new position offers a secure and rewarding career for those interested in public safety and service.

“The ADOC understands that the recruitment and staffing of qualified officers is crucial in advancing the Department’s mission of sustaining a secure correctional environment and effectively preparing inmates for a positive re-entry into society,” said ADOC Commissioner Jeff Dunn. “We know increased staffing is critical to reversing many long-established trends, so the addition of the BCO position is both an exciting and an important step forward.”

Basic Correctional Officers will be ADOC-certified and will also be as fully trained and qualified to staff standard correctional officer positions as our current CO force, receiving more training than most states’ certified correctional training programs. Each officer will complete six weeks of a specialized training course specifically tailored to the position’s responsibilities.

“We appreciate the State Personnel Department’s partnership in thoroughly and expeditiously moving this process along,” said Dunn. “There is an immediate need for additional applicants, and we are prepared to begin hiring qualified leads within the next few weeks.”

To begin the Basic Correctional Officer application process visit or contact ADOC by calling 1-855-WE-R-ADOC.

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