Alabama Democrats Campaign For Obama In Key Swing States

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For months, Democrats across the state of Alabama have been packing up their cars and headed up to Ohio and down to Florida.

Volunteers have been linking up with local Obama For America campaigns to convince the undecided voters why the president deserves a second term.

“I know from personal history that we are not always engaged in the political process,” said volunteer Janis Marsh. “I know I wasn’t when I was younger and by reaching out to people individually we’re trying to spread the word of who we are and what we’re promoting.”

Marsh spent the month of June campaigning in North Carolina. She says to win the more contentious states, it’s all about personal contact.

When they get to the state they go through training to learn the issues that best affect the state’s undecided voters. Then they go door to door and man the phone banks.

“I feel like my efforts would have more probability of reaching people and impacting the overall results of the state than in Alabama,” said Marsh.

Democrats from Montgomery, Birmingham, and Huntsville have all traveled to the battleground states. Two more trips are planned for the last two weekends before the November 6th election.

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