Alabama companies take advantage of business opportunities at AUSA

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The defense industry in Alabama features all kinds of components.

Like Amerex of Trussville, a company that makes fire suppression systems, which showed us a war vehicle equipped with some of their tech.

Amerex’s Jeff O’Donnel notes, “That is designed to detect and extinguish a fire in less than 250 milliseconds.”

Strategic Systems of Decatur also showed up with a few of their friends — some ghastly green targets mounted on moving metal arms.

CSM(R) Jonathan Hunt of Strategic Systems explains, “The system that we have on display here is called the range in a box, the RIAB. It’s a mobile range system.”

The WI-FI based system lets you set up training ranges in remote areas, particularly useful when the army needs to train foreign forces.

These products already have military consumers. They’ve deployed in the field.

O’Donnell tells us Amerex has over 3,000 systems deployed on military vehicles. Hunts says of the RIAB mobile range, “We have these systems currently in use by the Air Force, the Army, the Navy, and the Marine Corps, as well as Homeland Defense, US Customs down in Florida.”

Even still, Strategic Systems estimates it only serves five-percent of the Department of Defense.

Hunt notes, “We’re always looking to expand our business, because D.O.D. is huge.”

So even companies right here at home can benefit from getting front of more and more eyes. Every sale can make a difference, and every sale happens separately.

Hunt points out about the mobile range, “This system that you see right here will run anywhere from one hundred to two hundred thousand. That’s for a single system.”

So making even one more contact can change a lot of lives here.

O’Donnell can’t overstate the importance of these contracts, “We have over five-hundred employees. It benefits us by keeping that plant running.”

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